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The process of making
a Pamabiz website

Making a new website with Pamabiz can take anywhere between 2 weeks and 3 months.  Much of it depends on the complexity of the site, on how fast we receive content from you (text, pictures, logos) and on how fast you can review the drafts.


It usually starts with a video- or telephone conference so we can learn what you're looking for in a website. Typical questions you can expect from us are:

  • Describe in one or two sentences what you do.
  • Who is the target audience of the site?
  • When do people have to call on you?
  • If someone has only seen your homepage, what would you like this person to have learned about you, your services or products?
  • What differentiates you from others with similar products or services. What makes you unique? 

Together we search for an appropriate and available domain name. We register the domain name for you. Sometimes we recommend registering additional domain names in order to give easy acces to your site.

More questions and answers about domain names...


After you have chosen the type of website (CARD, PRESENCE, PLUS or COMPLETE) you'll give us an idea of your preferred style. We provide samples of sites we've made. You can also give us links to websites that come close to your choice of layout, color, look and feel.

Existing flyers, brochures, posters can help us a lot in designing your website.

Based on what you provide, we create some mock-ups. These are images of the homepage. You give us feedback and we make changes until you are satisfied with the general style, layout and color scheme.


We discuss the content and the organization of the site. You provide us with texts, pictures and other documents. We use these to make the webpages with an adequate layout and navigation.

As long as the site is under development, it is only accessible with a username and password. So only you or anyone you want to can open the site to review it and give us comments.

When the site is ready, we make it public. We can still make changes as needed once it is public.


A website needs regular updates. You can let us know by email what changes you want. You may send us new texts and pictures and we'll update the site for you.

If you wish, we can give you "editing" rights to your site. That way you can modify certain elements in the site. This can be useful, as it is easier to change the content of the "Latest news" box than sending us an email. Depending on your technical skills we will give you more or less "editing" rights.

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