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Technical questions

Note: this page is intended for technical readers who are assumed to be familiar with the terminology and the acronyms.

How about support for the various browsers and Operating Systems? How about iPhones, iPads and Android tablets?

Compatibility between the different browsers is a real issue. Web developers can spend (waste) a lot of time to make their sites work fine across different browsers.

At Pamabiz, we make a distinction between browsing the sites and updating them.

Browsing the sites

We test the following systems:

  • Windows: FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Google Chrome and Safari
  • Mac OS: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome
  • iPad
  • Android

We make sure the sites can be looked at and look good in the current and previous version of these browsers. Although most of the issues are minor, we do not guarantee 100% compatibility with older versions of the browsers such as Firefox 16 or IE 7). As most browsers update automatically or at least prompt the users to update, it is actually fairly easy to stay current.

Browsers that do not support "Adobe flash player" such as on the iPad and Android tablets can currently not play Pamabiz videos or audio files. Slide shows are replaced by a still image. WE will switch to HTML 5 players as soon as most popular browsers have support for them.

Updating the sites

Most functionalities for updating the sites do work in all the browsers listed above. However we guarantee 100% of the functionalties only in the current version of Firefox.

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What servers does Pamabiz use?

We have servers at two different hosting companies, one in the US, one in Europe. We check the availability of the servers automatically once an hour. In addition, we take daily back-ups of the sites in a third location. Our systems are setup so that we can switch any site to the backup server in less than an hour if needed.

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What software does Pamabiz use?

Wij gebruiken Apache op Linux servers. Voor onze eigen software ontwikkeling gebruiken wij PHP en Javascript. We also use modules from third parties, such as TinyMCE for the Rich Text Editor.

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