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Questions about security

Who has access to the site to make changes?

Pamabiz personnel has access to the content of the site, as well as certain employees of the companies hosting the servers.

We can also give limited "editing" rights to the owner of the site or anyone designated by the owner. We can customize the access for every person according to their role and their technical capabilities.

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Are the passwords secured?

All passwords are encrypted. You will receive a temporary password before you sign in for the very first time. We recommend changing this password right away. As soon as this is done, we can no longer retrieve your password. If you forget it, all we can do is reset it to a new temporary password.

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How can we avoid that people copy parts of the website?

By definition, anything you see on a website can be copied. One can always take a "screenshot" ("prt" or "PRNT scrn" button) and paste it in another program. There are techniques that make it more difficult to copy but that would make the cost of the website significantly higher.

It’s possible to make certain pages only accessible with a username and a password. This also drives the cost up significantly as someone has to manage the users passwords and privileges. If you want this for your site, contact us.

By the way, note that you are responsible for the content of the site. Make sure that you have the permission of the author if you use photos or texts from third parties. Be especially careful with photos that you find on the web. Some companies make a business of spreading pictures on the web and afterwards asking large sums of money for "copyright infringement".

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