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Questions about search engines (Google, Bing...)

Will Google or Bing find our site? Will be will on top of the earch results?

First of all, it takes a while for search engines to pick up a site. The ranking of the website depends on many factors and changes continually. Patience! It takes time to improve the ranking!

To give you an idea on how the rank is determined, we'll give you an example. Mainstreet Cafe in Webville, CA has a website www.mainstreet-cafe.com. There is also a Mainstreet Cafe in Concord, MA. Their website is at mainstreet-cafe.webicard.com. They don't have their own domain name but use a subdomain of webicard.com.

The ranking in the search result depends first of all on the keywords entered in the search. If one types "mainstreet cafe Concord Massachussetts" mainstreet-cafe.webicard.com will be higher in the search results than www.mainstreet-cafe.com which is in California.

Typing "mainstreet cafe" will most likely give quite a different result depending on many factors, including:

  • domain name:  the closer the domain name to the search, the higher the rank. In this case www.mainstreet-cafe.com gets a higher rank than mainstreet-cafe.webicard.com.
  • keywords: the more the words entered in the search (keywords) appear in the content of the site, the higher the ranking. The more the search "cafe" appears in the homepage, the better.
  • content: the more relevant the content, the better.
    A website about a cafe with multiple pages, including the menu,  location,   description,  history of the place, etc... has a better chance to a high rank than a site with just one page with a picture and an address.
  • uniqueness: the less other websites have the same name or content, the better the rank. In our example there will obviously be lots of competition for a high rank in the search results, as there are many "Mainstreet Cafes" all over the USA.
  • links to your site: The more links there are to your site, the better. But remember that not all links are equal. A link from the New York Times is worth much more than a link from the Facebook page of John Doe.
  • profile of the user: Oh yes! You might not be aware of it, but the search engines make a profile of the user based on the kind of searches the person has done and what results s/he usually clicks on. They use this profile to make the search results more relevant. Therefore the same search by a software engineer may yield different results from the searches by a lawyer.

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