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General questions

What is the process to get build a Pamabiz website?

We describe the process for building a Pamabiz website in "Our services - Process".

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How are updates to the site done?

The cost of updating the site is included in the monthly fee. You let us know what you want to change, preferably by email. We take care of the changes as soon as possible. If you wish, we can give you access to make certain changes yourself.

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Can I make changes to my site myself?

We can give you authorization to modify your website. If you are a current customer interested in modifying your site, please contact us. Once you have permission, you can connect to your site by clicking on the symbol © in the footer of the page. After authentication, you will see an "Edit button" on top of the objects you can modify. Click on the pencil in the "Edit button" and follow the instructions on the screen.

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What is the "self-service" option?

The "self-service" option is available in "CARD" (see Our services). In "CARD" you can make your own website. We set up the framework and you fill in the content. A "wizard" will guide you step-by-step through the process. We will also give you advice regarding the content. 

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How do we get more attention for the site using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networks?

It's best to open specific accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks you want to use.  Always use the same name as the site, or a name that is very similar. Do this as soon as possible, to avoid somebody else grabbing the name. Give us the account names and we will put in links to Facebook, etc...

The more links there are to your website, the better. Put the link to your website on your Facebook and other accounts as many times as possible.

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Can I host my Pamabiz site on my own servers?

No. You can register and manage your domain names, but the site has to run on the Pamabiz servers as all the sites use a common copy of the Pamabiz software.

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