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Questions about domain names

How do we choose a domain name?

Finding an appropriate domain name that is still available can be challenging. 

Choose a domain name as close as possible to the name under which you are known or would like to be known. E.g. mainstreet-cafe.com.

Note that you may put "www." in front when entering the url in a browser, but it is not really necessary. In other words www.mainstreet-cafe.com or mainstreet-cafe.com are one and the same domain and refer to the same website.

Choose a domain name that is easy to remember. If spelling mistakes are likely, we recommend registering multiple variations (see the question about multiple domain names).

We mostly work with the following extensions.

.com   .org   .net   .info   .biz   .uk    .be   .fr   .nl

If possible, give preference to .com or to your country's extension (.uk .fr ...).

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What is a valid domain name?

A domain name has to meet the following rules:

  • alphabetical characters are allowed (e.g., www.pamabiz.com)
    Note 1: there is no distinction between lower and upper case. In other words pamabiz.com is the same as Pamabiz.com.
    Note 2: Accentuated characters such as é, ô or ç are NOT allowed.
  • combinations of alphabetical characters and numbers are allowed (e.g. abc123.com)
  • the only allowed character other than letters or numbers is the hyphen (-).
  • maximum length is 64 characters

Adding www. in front is optional.

At the end of the name there is a dot and an extension. E.g. mainstreet-cafe.com  See the next question regarding valid extensions.

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What extensions can I use for my domain name?

We mostly use the following extensions:

.com   .org   .net   .info   .biz   .uk   .be   .fr   .nl

Click here for the complete list of possible extensions.

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How do I know if a domain name is available?

The easiest way to find out is by typing the domain name in your browser. If you can't find the domain name, it means that it is available. For instance in MS Internet Explorer you will see a message such as "Internet Explorer cannot find the webpage".

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You mention multiple domain names for my site. Isn't one enough?

Sometimes it's useful to have multiple domain names for one website.

For example, if www.first-street-cafe.com is your chosen domain name, you should also consider registering the following domain names:

All these domain names will be directed to the same website. That way a typo while entering the name in the browser will not be a problem. Even more importantly, nobody else can register a domain name very similar to the one you have chosen. In that case, a small typo would direct the visitor to a different website, which would be very confusing.

There are supplemental costs for additional domain names. See prices.

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I already own a domain name, can I use that one?

Certainly. We will let you know how to configure your domain name so it points to our servers. You may want us to configure and manage the domain name for you. Contact us for further details.

Note: Configuring domains can be tricky and each hosting company has its own way to do it. If you are not familiar with it, we recommend you let us do it!

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Can I register my domain name myself?

If you prefer, you may register your domain name yourself. In that case, you'll have to configure the domain correctly so it points to our servers. You will also have to change the configuration when needed (contact us for assistance). 

Note: Configuring domains can be tricky and each hosting company has its own way to do it. If you are not familiar with it, we recommend you let us do it!

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